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July 13th update
Having reached 800 reps & moved a total of 12,800 kg's I want to cover this and other types of exercise. From weights to dancing, Martial Arts to Roadwork & anything that helps raise awareness & lower chance of problems such as Diabetes and other sorts of illnesses due to being over weight, etc. I intend to add here PDF reports on how I train for reference to time, calories burnt as well as types of exercise and the results obtained. Building muscles & losing the fatty middle is important, having a bigger chest than waist apparently is a mark that you should have good health against diabetes and other such illness that may occur especially when one is overweight or indeed some what obese. I shall leave for now but when the first PDF has been completed & checked I will add it and the argument to support the facts, the different ways I try to burn calories as well as building muscle and stamina, etc.
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